8″ Peace Lily


The plants starting price is $60.00. The base price includes the plant and a generic foil wrap- all plants can be customized with a wicker basket or ceramic container (depending on availability) for an additional price. This plant is typically 3-4 foot tall and 1-2 foot wide. Call or visit us to receive a quote.

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Spathiphyllum (common name “peace lily”) is an easy care, low light indoor plant. It also removes many toxins from the air. Prefers typical house temperatures but avoid hot or cold drafts. Will tolerate very low light, but without some brightness from a window or a lamp, they are unlikely to bloom. Can tolerate any lighting except direct sunlight, and will bloom more with the more light they receive. Ideally, they like their soil evenly damp (not wet!)  water thoroughly when the soil becomes dry but do not let the plant sit in water. Avoid allowing the plant to wilt (although Spathiphyllum will recover amazingly from wilting very badly, you’re likely to see a lot of yellow leaves if this happens too often.) Like low light, Spathiphyllum will survive low water levels, but will never thrive as well as when properly watered.